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The Koinos Whitepaper

In this episode, I go through the Koinos whitepaper to explain how this blockchain is different in plain English. I also talk about the design of my burn pool contract.

Steve Gerbino - Koinos Harbinger V4

This week, Steve Gerbino (CTO of The Koinos Group) came on the pod to discuss the impending launch of Koinos testnet v4, what this means for mainnet timing, Koinos sca...

Kui He - Plans and Opportunities on Koinos

This week, Kui He and I discuss the state of Koinos leading up to mainnet, our plans for a burn pool, opportunities for developers, and why we've both dedicated our ef...

Ronan Sandford - Crypto-Native Game: Conquest

This week, Ronan Sandford (of Etherplay and Conquest.eth) and I discuss his experience building games for blockchain since 2016, the nature of crypto-native games, and...

Anthony Charlton - Time Raiders

This week, Anthony Charlton (CEO of Utopian Game Labs) and I discuss Utopian's journey from being a traditional game studio to building their latest game on blockchain...

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