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Josh Bowen - Celestia

This week, Josh Bowen and I discuss Celestia's approach to modular blockchain development and the impact of that design on anyone looking to launch their own blockchai...

Nick Dodson - Modular Speed with Fuel

This week, Nick Dodson (CEO of Fuel) and I discuss the Fuel Network and how they're thinking about modularity, performance, and accessibility of blockchains.

Chad Hahn - Advising Web2 Companies on web3

This week, Chad Hahn (VP at Pariveda Solutions) and I discuss his experience consulting traditional, large companies on technology--blockchain in particular.

Lyndon Oh - Taking Control of Your Data with Ozone

This week, Lyndon Oh (Co-Founder of Ozone) and I discuss Ozone's mission to help people take control of their data online, direct compensation, their web3 roadmap, the...

Jon Greenwood - GovernorDAO

This week, Jon Greenwood and I discuss GovernorDAO and how they're building Sybil resistance into any dApp with Governance-as-a-Service and their Proof-of-Existence te...

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