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Erik Saberski - Data Science for Crypto

This week, Erik Saberski (VP of Data Science for The Tie) came on the pod to talk about his experience collecting, processing, storing, and visualizing crypto data for...

Crypto Tax Girl - Taxes and Koinos

This week, I had Laura, the Crypto Tax Girl come on the pod to help me figure out how to do my taxes for the Koin snapshot, mainnet launch, Proof of Burn, BurnKoin, an...

Julian Gonzalez - Kondor and Fogata

This week, Julian Gonzalez (developer of Kondor and Fogata) is back on the pod to discuss what he's working on, explain the purpose of Vapor, and talk about what's next.

Ron Hamenahem - The Koinos Pro Strategy

This week, Ron Hamenahem (COO of Koinos Group) is back on the pod to discuss what's next for the Koinos Group company now that Koinos mainnet is launched and fully dec...

Martin Hiesboeck - Uphold and Institutional Crypto

This week, Martin Hiesboeck came on the pod to discuss Uphold, crypto trends, institutional investor sentiment, his crypto investment thesis, and much more!

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