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James Rogers - Blockchain Home Registry

This week, James Rogers (CEO of Torii Homes) and I discuss Blockchain Home Registry. BHR is a new protocol for homeowners to take control of their home's data. In this...

Josh Bowen - Celestia

This week, Josh Bowen and I discuss Celestia's approach to modular blockchain development and the impact of that design on anyone looking to launch their own blockchai...

Nick Dodson - Modular Speed with Fuel

This week, Nick Dodson (CEO of Fuel) and I discuss the Fuel Network and how they're thinking about modularity, performance, and accessibility of blockchains.

Chad Hahn - Advising Web2 Companies on web3

This week, Chad Hahn (VP at Pariveda Solutions) and I discuss his experience consulting traditional, large companies on technology--blockchain in particular.

Lyndon Oh - Taking Control of Your Data with Ozone

This week, Lyndon Oh (Co-Founder of Ozone) and I discuss Ozone's mission to help people take control of their data online, direct compensation, their web3 roadmap, the...

Jon Greenwood - GovernorDAO

This week, Jon Greenwood and I discuss GovernorDAO and how they're building Sybil resistance into any dApp with Governance-as-a-Service and their Proof-of-Existence te...

Jonathan Bloom - Managing Wealth with Crypto

This week, Jonathan Bloom and I discuss personal finance, managing money with crypto, accumulating wealth, and why money isn't everything.

Jonathan Stark - Our Decentralized Future

This week, Jonathan Stark is back to discuss the pros and cons of decentralization, the nuts and bolts of DAOs and DAO tooling, and what a future run by blockchain cou...

Max Howell - Supporting Open Source with Tea

This week, Max Howell (inventor of Homebrew, CEO of Tea) and I discuss how Tea plans to compensate open source developers using cryptocurrency, the importance of publi...

Luke Mulks - Advertising and Privacy at Brave

This week, Luke Mulks (VP of Business Operations at Brave) and I discuss how Brave handles user privacy using blockchain while making the majority of their revenue fro...

Aggroed Lighthacker - Splinterlands

This week, Aggroed Lighthacker (CEO of Splinterlands) and I discuss what's next for Splinterlands, accessibility of play to earn, and the three most important factors ...

Sneh Koul - Blockchain Education

This week, Sneh Koul (a.k.a. Snoopies) and I discuss the future of LearnWeb3 DAO, the biggest challenges for developers interested in web3, and why blockchain matters.

Anisha Sunkerneni - Accessible DAOs

This week, Anisha Sunkerneni and I discuss forming and operating DAOs, a 5-point framework for successful DAOs, barriers to entry for DAO participation, and challenges...

Andrew Levine - Koinos FAQ

This week, Andrew Levine (CEO of Koinos Group) answers all your questions about Koinos: testnet v3 details, what's left for mainnet, the design of governance, CEX list...

Kelsey Hightower - Crypto Skepticism

This week, Kelsey Hightower and I discuss reasons to be skeptical about blockchain, why "money go up" distracts from the mission of decentralization, and when I'll shu...

Tony Little - Healthcare and Blockchain

This week, Dr. Tony Little and I discuss the future of healthcare and how decentralization can help improve the patient experience

Joe Walker - Stablecoins and Economics

This week, I was joined by Joe Walker to discuss his recent proposals for the Emporia stablecoin, mana bonds, sKoin, and more!

Jonathan Stark - Opportunities on Blockchain

This week, I was joined by Jonathan Stark to discuss the opportunities created by blockchain technology, how to think about value, running businesses in a decentralize...

Ron Hamenahem - Designing for Blockchain

This week, I was joined by Ron Hamenahem (Head of Design for the Koinos Group) to discuss the what "head of design" means, how he thinks about design, value, and apply...

Nathan Caldwell - Tokenomics and Accessible Devtools

Nathan Caldwell of the Koinos Group joins me to discuss the Koinos CLI, Koin tokenomics, the fair launch, and more! Subscribe to

Michael Vandeberg - Microservices vs Smart Contracts

Michael Vandeberg of the Koinos Group joins me to discuss smart contracts, microservices, when to use each of them, system privileges, upgradability, and more! Subs...

Julián González - Building on Koinos

Community member and developer, Julián González, joins me to discuss what he's building on Koinos, how to get started yourself, and more! Check out Julián's project...

Steve Gerbino - Koinos Proof of Burn

Koinos Group co-founder and blockchain architect, Steve Gerbino, joins me to discuss the Koinos consensus algorithm: Proof of Burn! Read the whitepaper at https://k...

Koinos The Goat - The Utility of Mana

Long-time community member, Koinos The Goat, joins me to discuss hyperinflation, mana as a depreciating asset, many useful analogies for thinking with Koinos, and more!

Kui He - The Koinos Community

Kuixi He (@motoengineer on discord and telegram) joined me to talk about the value of $KOIN, the Koinos community, how to get involved, and more!

Andrew Levine - The Koinos Group

CEO of The Koinos Group, Andrew Levine, joined me to talk about blockchain accessibility, the Koinos fair launch, the future of The Koinos Group, competition, and more!

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